Module Catalogues

Advanced Drug Formulation

Module Title Advanced Drug Formulation
Module Level Level 4
Module Credits 5.00

Aims and Fit of Module

To provide students with theoretical knowledge and lab-based training in advanced biopharmaceutical formulation.

Learning outcomes

A.	Demonstrate an understanding of theoretical principles in relation to dosage form design, drug stability and delivery, bioavailability and pharmacokinetics.
B.	Apply theoretical knowledge to the formulation of proprietary dosage forms addressed in this module and show an informed understanding of the industrial processes involved in the preparation of these dosage forms.
C.	Outline and discuss the process activities and quality attributes specific to the manufacture of some major conventional dosage forms. 
D.	Master the basic techniques of drug formulation and characterizations.
E.	Understand, consider and apply research ethics and health and safety regulations to prioritize, arrange and organize lab work

Method of teaching and learning

The module contains lectures, tutorials, laboratory practice and field trips. Experts from industry will be invited to co-delivering the module. Timely, relevant and specific, constructive and actionable feedback will be provided to students in-class, on-paper and/or in-person on for each assignment.