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Urban Design Inquiry (Studio)

Module Title Urban Design Inquiry (Studio)
Module Level Level 4
Module Credits 10.00

Aims and Fit of Module

The studio Urban Design Inquiry explores the role of urban design as an interdisciplinary conceptual and operative tool to address spatially complex emerging issues in urban development and regeneration projects. With a focus on contemporary urban(ising) China, these issues may entail environmental, social or economic questions.
The module aims to enable students to develop the various urban design skills and techniques required to deal with complex situations, including: objective and interpretive analysis, problem formulation, research, project definition, speculation and scenario building, development process, and strategy development and design of visions. Spatial analysis, hand-drawing and sketching as modes of design thinking will be taught within the studio.

Learning outcomes

A	Interpret and integrate key theories that support the conceptual and operative role of urban design and apply them to an urban (re)development project.
B Demonstrate an ability to identify research resources to set and explore a relevant research question critically, and in relation to an urban design project.
C Effectively combine urban design techniques to explore complex situations: objective and interpretive analysis, problem formulation, project definition, speculation and scenario building, design of visions and development strategy.
D Manage a comprehensive range of visual, oral, and written media and methods to test, analyse, critically appraise and explain design proposals effectively.

Method of teaching and learning

Individual and group design tutorials, design critiques, individual and group work, self-study, site visits if applicable