Module Catalogues


Module Title Dissertation
Module Level Level 4
Module Credits 20.00

Aims and Fit of Module

This module is a six-month research project on a particular aspect of urban design of the student’s choice.  Students can choose between a primarily written or primarily design-focused dissertation. The module will introduce research methods applicable to built environment research and offer other skills relevant to the development of a dissertation such as developing research questions and proposals, conducting exploration and research, structurin

Learning outcomes

A	Demonstrate an advanced ability to identify research resources to set and explore a relevant research question critically, and in relation to their dissertation.
B Concisely and creatively structure and formulate knowledge, findings and conclusions to produce a clear, logically argued and original (written or design) research project in compliance with academic conventions.
C Manage an independent research project and demonstrate the ability to think and work independently, showing self-motivation, self-direction, and originality in problem solving.
D Manage a comprehensive range of visual, oral, and written media and methods to test, analyse, critically appraise and explain research findings effectively, to specialist and non-specialist audiences in a professional manner.

Method of teaching and learning

This module aims to foster in-depth and independent research, within a framework developed with the module instructor and faculty advisors.  At the end of coursework (end of year 1 for full-time students, end of year 2 for part-time students) students are expected to have defined a project theme and secured a faculty supervisor.  Formal lectures and tutorials at the beginning of the 6 month dissertation period of study will cover concepts and methods of work. There will be regular meetings and consultations with advisors, library work, field work, studio work (for design-based dissertations), interim reports and presentations, and final presentations.  For primarily design-focused dissertations, students will have support from urban design studio faculty in project development, design process, the studio work environment, and representation and presentation.