Module Catalogues

Social Web Programming

Module Title Social Web Programming
Module Level Level 4
Module Credits 5.00

Aims and Fit of Module

The aim of CAN402 is to introduce the basic principles, techniques, models and applications of social web programming, covering client side programming, server side programming, and developing social media applications.

Learning outcomes

A.	 Demonstrate a broad and critical understanding of a series of well-defined concepts, models, standards, and technology mechanisms for social network application development.
B.	Apply different models and mechanisms for social web development.
C.	Develop a social web application for a real world application.
D. Understand and participate in the legal, social, ethical and professional framework in systems, software or information engineering.

Method of teaching and learning

Students will be expected to attend two hours of a formal lecture and two hours for either a tutorial or a lab section in a typical week. Lectures will introduce students to the academic content. Tutorials will be used to expand the students understanding of lecture materials. In addition, students will be expected to devote unsupervised time to private study. Private study will provide time for reflection and consideration of lecture material and background reading.