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Chinese Rhetoric in Comparative Perspective

Module Title Chinese Rhetoric in Comparative Perspective
Module Level Level 3
Module Credits 5.00

Aims and Fit of Module

This module is designed as an introduction to the Chinese traditions of the art and craft of persuasive writing and speech from a comparative perspective. It will provide students with an overview of historical development and socio-linguistic significance of rhetoric in China through comparisons with Western traditions. The module will emphasise the investigation of culture-specific forms of argumentation and the evolution of rhetorical devices. It will utilise excerpts from classical texts, literature, and selected addresses from prominent twentieth-century Chinese and Western speakers to analyse the differences in the style and purposes of persuasive writing and speech. Students will acquire competence in discerning specific features of two rhetorical traditions and learn to construct and defend culturally-compelling arguments.

Learning outcomes

A	Demonstrate knowledge of the development of rhetoric in China and the West
B	Show understanding of the differences between the rhetorical strategies applied in different social, cultural and historical contexts
C	Demonstrate an in-depth understanding of the relationship between language and cultural values
D	Construct and defend culturally-compelling arguments 
E	Demonstrate academic skills in oral and written communication

Method of teaching and learning

Lectures will provide an overview of the weekly topic. Seminars will provide an opportunity for students to discuss concepts and their applicability, analyse the text and speech, and learn how to apply acquired skills for better reasoning and debate. The virtual learning environment will be used to help students to engage with module content.