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China Studies Dissertation

Module Title China Studies Dissertation
Module Level Level 4
Module Credits 20.00

Aims and Fit of Module

This module represents the capstone project for the Master of China Studies. It provides students with the opportunity to produce a piece of independent research that examines a specific and substantial intellectual problem in depth, and that makes use of appropriate theoretical approaches, techniques and methodologies.

Learning outcomes

A. Identify a particular project that focusses on an intellectual problem and produce an adequate research plan to address that problem.
B. Identify, analyse and evaluate the literature relevant to the research project.
C. Demonstrate ability to independently plan, organize and conduct library research and, where applicable, fieldwork in order to find solutions to the intellectual problem.
D. Critically evaluate their own work and place it in the context of the secondary literature.
E. Effectively structure and write a dissertation.

Method of teaching and learning

Work with a supervisor to develop a research project; undertake a research project based on library work, fieldwork, or a work placement; write and present a research outline, interim report, and dissertation. As part of the development of capacity to produce a research dissertation, attend a series of peer review and support research seminars.