Module Catalogues


Module Title Dissertation
Module Level Level 4
Module Credits 20.00

Aims and Fit of Module

The final MSc dissertation comprises an integral component of every engineering postgraduate programme. The overall aim of the module is to make an original and practically significant contribution to knowledge in the specific field of study. The specific aims are to provide literature reviewing, efficient project planning and time management skills. Also, to prepare students for research or investigative work in professional engineering as well as to enable students to gain a comprehensive understanding of the techniques applicable to research or advanced scholarship in their field of study. Finally, the module aims to facilitate the effective discussion of research outcomes and drawing of conclusions as well as their coherent written and verbal communication.

Learning outcomes

A.	Demonstrate awareness of the current research trends of the selected engineering topic including the theoretical and best practice aspects.
B. Develop skills associated with the critical review of the relevant literature, the critical evaluation and assessment of research results, the quantitative/qualitative analysis of technical problems and communication of project conclusions.
C. Develop a systematic plan for information gathering, data recording and tracking of investigation progress
D. Analyse experimental/computer results and be able to determine their validity and accuracy against theoretical predictions/experimental observations.
E. Manage the tasks associated with the project, to suggest solutions to problems and to apply critical analysis and judgment.
F. Show experience and enhancement of key skills in planning and/or designing experimental/laboratory/workshop activities using sophisticated research techniques and equipment with due regard to the concepts for risk/safety assessment and management
G. Effectively communicate complex ideas through written report and presentation.

Method of teaching and learning

Regular meetings/consultations with supervisor; laboratory and other investigative work under direct/indirect supervision (as appropriate); preparation of proposal, interim and final reports, poster or web-page and oral presentation.