Module Catalogues

Critical State Soil Mechanics

Module Title Critical State Soil Mechanics
Module Level Level 4
Module Credits 5.00

Aims and Fit of Module

The module aims to introduce the students to advanced soil mechanics concepts and show how the classical approach to soil mechanics differs from the critical state understanding of soil behavior.

Learning outcomes

A	On the basis of a firm understanding of geological phenomenon be able to identify the potential hazards in the application of soil models and therefore evaluate the appropriateness of each model assumptions to given engineering sites.
B Be able to assess various failure criteria and identify where each criteria should be used based on an analysis of the balance between accuracy, precision and computational efficiency of different failure criteria
C Be able to produce engineering designs from the basis of a strong understanding of the fundamental principles of soil mechanics analysis
D Be able to judge the appropriateness of engineering design parameters on the basis of soil measurements generated from multiple laboratory tests (including triaxial stress path tests), and assess the validity of solutions generated using critical state concepts
E Be able to test hypotheses using computational analysis to indicate/predict soil engineering behaviour in the context of design using parameters derived from statistically variable laboratory test results.
F Be aware of the dangers within the laboratory environment and be able to produce risk assessments for laboratory procedures.

Method of teaching and learning

The lectures are used to teach the background knowledge. Practical classes are used to teach how the real world behavior of materials relates to the theoretical behavior.