Module Catalogues

Intermediate Organic Chemistry

Module Title Intermediate Organic Chemistry
Module Level Level 2
Module Credits 5.00

Aims and Fit of Module

The aim of this module is to introduce important carbon-carbon bond forming reactions within a mechanistic and synthetic framework, together with exposure to a selection of stereochemical issues.

Learning outcomes

Students should be able to solve problems featuring:
- Scope and mechanisms of basic reactions (nucleophilic and electrophilic substitutions, addition and elimination reactions)
- Basic carbonyl chemistry (alkylation, acylation, aldol, conjugate additions).
- Structure, reactivity and synthesis of simple heterocycles (including pyridines, pyrroles, furans)
- Functional group interconversions and stereochemistry.

Method of teaching and learning

The theory part of this module will be delivered through a series of lectures to be given throughout the first semester. The material presented at the lectures is supported by tutorials.