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Business Chinese Part 2

Module Title Business Chinese Part 2
Module Level Level 3
Module Credits 5.00

Aims and Fit of Module

This is an advanced Chinese language module designed for Year 4 international students studying International Business with a Language whose Chinese proficienies have achieved the level of CLT008 and are interested in Business Chinese, or who plan to work in a Chinese language environment. The module will progress in their Chinese proficiency to a level of equivalent to CEFR B2 or above.

It aims to develop students’ Chinese proficiency in the context of business activities that require adequate language skills, business knowledge and awareness of socio-cultural customs.

Learning outcomes

Students completing the module successfully should be able to:
Students completing the module successfully should be able to: 

A. Identify main ideas, supporting ideas, and specific details from dialogues and spoken reports under various business contexts.
B. Present accurate and convincing formal presentations on business topics and defend the point of view with evidences.
C. Understand the gist and detailed information from complex written texts in Chinese within a variety of business topic areas. 
D. Produce written business correspondence and documents with a wide and effective range of lexical and syntactic structures.
E. Demonstrate intercultural knowledge and understanding of the business world in the Chinese-speaking community.

Method of teaching and learning

Business Chinese focuses more on a real business environment. Students will learn language structures and vocabulary used in business settings, along with the conventions of business interaction and correspondence. Reading, discussion, presentation and writing will be organized to build up students’ comprehensive abilities as a preparation to participate in various business activities and to deal with different business documents. Fieldwork will also be integrated into the module to allow students interact with local companies. The module provides higher language competence for understanding and communicating on wider cultural and social issues that underline many aspects of business practice in contemporary China.
Real cases of successful multinational Chinese and foreign companies and issues including marketing, branding, mergers and acquisitions, international expansion will be used as texts.
All the seminars are delivered in Chinese.