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Qualitative Research Methods

Module Title Qualitative Research Methods
Module Level Level 2
Module Credits 5.00

Aims and Fit of Module

This module aims to introduce students to the nature and processes of qualitative research. It will familiarise them with research strategies, research designs, data collection and data analysis. It will also expose students to a variety of qualitative research techniques and to their respective advantages and disadvantages, training them to critically evaluate research articles that use qualitative methods. An important aim is to enable students to understand the relationship between theory and research methods, as well as the differences between various paradigms of knowledge production. They will be expected to also reflect on their values, biases and cultural positioning in the research process. Finally, the module will prepare students to design and conduct their own research project. The module serves as foundation for the later modules Quantitative Research Methods and Final Year Project: Media and Communication Studies.

Learning outcomes

A	Demonstrate an understanding of the nature and processes of qualitative research
B Differentiate research strategies, designs and methods
C Use appropriate qualitative research methods for data collection and analysis
D Evaluate the significance and quality of qualitative research publications
E Design, conduct and defend qualitative research projects

Method of teaching and learning