Module Catalogues

News Reporting

Module Title News Reporting
Module Level Level 2
Module Credits 5.00

Aims and Fit of Module

This module will equip students with essential newsgathering, interviewing and news writing skills for print and digital publications and social media. Students will be introduced to the ideals, values and practices of contemporary journalism. They will be given the opportunity to produce original news stories and use creativity and storytelling skills to practice feature writing. Students will learn how to interview people in different situations and present stories in a succinct, clear, balanced and engaging style on a tight deadline. They will also be taught to apply the basics of the inverted-pyramid format to their news reports as well as expand this format in feature writing. This mainly practical module is part of the Journalism/PR pathway and builds on the theoretical knowledge acquired in Introduction to Journalism Studies.

Learning outcomes

A	Show an awareness of news values 
B Write copy for publication to target news consumers
C Correctly use and place attributions
D Apply ethical standards to interviewing and reporting
E Critically reflect on their own journalistic work process and production

Method of teaching and learning