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Globalisation and Science Communication

Module Title Globalisation and Science Communication
Module Level Level 3
Module Credits 5.00

Aims and Fit of Module

Media texts about health and environment can have a powerful impact on society. They can help stop epidemics and bring water to remote areas of the world. They may also disseminate misinformation, instill fear, spread panic and prevent action where it is urgently needed. But who stands behind these texts What makes them spread virally across the globe What interests are at stake The module explores issues such as risk, community, diversity, discourse and social construction with regard to health and environmental communications. Drawing on online expert publications, media campaigns and public debate, students identify a health- or environment-related issue, collect and critically assess relevant information, and design a media strategy and portfolio of communication with a specific audience in mind. Working in teams, they engage with the world beyond the academy to identify ‘influencers’, evaluate information and develop communication portfolios for target audiences.

Learning outcomes

A.	Critically evaluate media content related to health and environment
B. Research and produce health and environment communications
C. Work in a team to design and produce relevant media content
D. Appraise the social and political importance of health and environment media
E. Reflect on the ethical issues involved in communicating health and environment

Method of teaching and learning

Online quizzes