Module Catalogues

International Trade

Module Title International Trade
Module Level Level 3
Module Credits 5.00

Aims and Fit of Module

The aim of this module is to develop in students a good understanding of the main trade theories, their assumptions, implications, applications and limitations. The module provides students with essential skills to engage in an analytical discussion of the impact of trade patterns, trade policies of government, foreign direct investment and the World Trade Organization on the economies of both developing and developed countries.

Learning outcomes

A. Understand recent empirical information regarding international trade and investment flows, including the ability to critically appraise and characterize such flows.
B. Understand and critically appraise the main theories of international trade, the gains from trade
C. Understand and critically appraise the consequences of various trade policy interventions instruments and their effects on economic well-being.
D. Discuss, present, and critically evaluate different theories in light of available data.

Method of teaching and learning

There will be weekly lectures/presentations (2 hours) and a tutorial (1 hour).
During the module, there will be group assignments where students are organised in group to look up and process relevant information for the topics covered in a particular week for a country of choice (subject to data availability). Each groups have to hand in assignments during the module (graded by group, total 10% of the grade). Applying theory and methods to a particular country is an insightful and motivating experience.
The students will be organised in groups to co-present their group assignments (5% of the grade). Student presentation is evaluated by group. Getting more experience in and becoming more comfortable with presenting or discussing in front of a group in English is a crucial learning experience.