Module Catalogues

Advanced Educational Research Method

Module Title Advanced Educational Research Method
Module Level Level 4
Module Credits 5.00

Aims and Fit of Module

This module introduces the advanced quantitative and qualitative methods in educational research. It focuses on developing skills and knowledge in research design, data collection, data management & modelling through the analysis of educational dataset. Training in the data analysis software is a key component of this module as well. This module is designed particularly for those students who are interested in further education (e.g. PhD, EdD) and intensive training in research methodology.

Learning outcomes

A	Understand the principles of quantitative and qualitative data and statistical analysis in educational research
B	Apply a range of methods using lab software, such as SPSS, AMOS and NVivo, to analyze quantitative and qualitative data in education, psychology and other disciplines in social sciences
C	Reflect on the possible issues of the criteria for examining the validity of data
D	Critically analyze and evaluate research results reports

Method of teaching and learning

The teaching sessions are interactive and divided into two components: lectures and lab/practicals. The lab/practicals will build on the materials covered in the lectures based on the training in the practical issues regarding data collection and analysis.