Module Catalogues


Module Title Dissertation
Module Level Level 4
Module Credits 20.00

Aims and Fit of Module

The aim of this module is to:
•	Provide students with the opportunity to produce a piece of independent research that examines a specific and substantial intellectual problem in depth, and that makes use of appropriate theoretical approaches, techniques and methodologies. 

Learning outcomes

A	Identify a particular project that focuses on an intellectual problem and produce a research plan to address that problem
B	Identify, analyze and evaluate the literature relevant to the research project
C	Understand the value of library research, fieldwork, and practical experience in the solution of intellectual problems
D	Critically evaluate one’s own written work and place it in the context of the secondary literature
E	Adopt research methods independently, effectively and critically
F	Develop a critical perspective on the selected topic and present research results in a clear academic style, both orally and in written form

Method of teaching and learning

Work with a supervisor to develop a research project; undertake a research project based on library work, fieldwork, or the internship; write and present a research outline, interim report, and dissertation. 
Where possible, an international co-supervisor, usually from either University of Liverpool or a partner institution will also be available for limited contact.