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Integration of Energy Strategies in the Design of Buildings

Module Title Integration of Energy Strategies in the Design of Buildings
Module Level Level 4
Module Credits 5.00

Aims and Fit of Module

This module aims to provide guidance and training in the knowledge and skills for the research of building energy strategies. It is an opportunity for students to attend a group work on investigating building energy consumption, corresponding energy systems with individual components, and significance towards climate change. Further, it will involve practice in designing strategies, including decision-making on both technical and economic sides.

Learning outcomes

A. Describe theoretical and practical issues related to the integration of passive and active energy systems in buildings and develop appropriate strategies for their integration.
B. Analyze the impact of energy systems on the lifecycle of buildings.
C. To investigate the energy demands stemming from functions in buildings.
D. Integrate active energy systems into the reinforcement of existing buildings and the design of new buildings.
E. Understand basic economic mechanisms for reducing CO2 emissions of energy systems in buildings.
F. Effectively communicate project work and main findings

Method of teaching and learning

Series of Lectures and seminars where strategies and examples are presented discussed and analyzed. Site visits to buildings where energy systems play a crucial role, along with guest lectures by experienced (external) professionals in the field. Also examples specific to strategies using software will be demonstrated