Module Catalogues

Strategic Management

Module Title Strategic Management
Module Level Level 4
Module Credits 5.00

Aims and Fit of Module

This module provides students with a critical awareness of major issues associated with Strategic Management, and its relevance and importance in developing business, including new ventures.

Students will explore their understanding of the key Strategic Management theories, models and frameworks and how they are used to create a strategy development process.

Learning outcomes

A	Identify and systematically explain the origins and purpose of strategic management within a range of contexts;
B	Demonstrate comprehensive knowledge and understanding of the advantages and limitations of the key strategic management theories, models and frameworks
C	Critically evaluate how strategy drives organisational performance and competitiveness;
D	Analyse and critique the strategies of a range of organisations;
E	Account for issues of ethics, environmental sustainability, and corporate social responsibility in strategic planning.

Method of teaching and learning

Class activities will include lectures and in-class exercises such as case studies, team 
discussions, student report-backs and student presentations of projects. 

A typical week will involve a conventional lecture followed by workshops/tutorials which will normally involve a group exercise, case study or other form of experiential learning.