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Entrepreneurship and Innovation

Module Title Entrepreneurship and Innovation
Module Level Level 4
Module Credits 5.00

Aims and Fit of Module

This module takes a very broad view of innovation, and will look at a full range of possibilities, including process innovations, and organisational innovations as well as new technology, products and services.

This module aims to develop students’ personal capacity to behave entrepreneurially in a competitive globalised world. The module combines both theoretical and practical approaches, drawing on academic research and theories of entrepreneurship to support the practical development of skills needed to start a new business. The module also introduces students to the concept of intrapreneurship which deploys a similar set of skills within existing organisations .

This is an essential module that provides students with the basis of the degree programme. 
Entrepreneurship is not confined to the context of new ventures or start-ups. For example, entrepreneurship can occur within large and mature organisations, and as often as not occurs within the non-profit sector. Similarly, innovation is not just about ideas, inventions and technology. The module takes a very broad view of innovation, and for example will look at process innovations, and organisational innovations as well as new technology, products and services.

Learning outcomes

A	Demonstrate a critical understanding of entrepreneurship and entrepreneurs.
B	Demonstrate knowledge and understanding of how individuals and organisations can identify and use innovation opportunities
C	Critically evaluate the contribution that entrepreneurship and innovation makes to broader organisational outcomes
D	Integrate theory and practical experience in a variety of practical activities, including the startup process in a new venture
E	Develop working practices in a range of organisational contexts, demonstrating an ability to think entrepreneurially in the context of well-established organisations
F	Understand ethical and sustainable issues facing Entrepreneurs and critically appraise their application to Organisations.

Method of teaching and learning

This module will be delivered through a series of key lectures/seminars. In addition, students will be required to analyse a number of innovations within business, determining what worked and why.

Each week, there will be discussion of different cases, and a detailed analysis of one will form part of the final assessments.

The second part of the module will include students being involved in a gamified start-up simulation. Within a short period, the goal is to give students a hands-on, real-life experience creating a startup in a safe setting. The module challenges students to innovate, overcome
obstacles, and grow rapidly. The module will be led by innovators and investors to inspire students to achieve their goals.