Module Catalogues

Dissemination Project

Module Title Dissemination Project
Module Level Level 4
Module Credits 5.00

Aims and Fit of Module

This module is designed to allow the student to draw up a well-designed dissemination plan with clear goal and strategies to take the Master project outcome forward into the public and/or related industries. 

Through this module, the student is able to create a strategic basis that will play a key role in ensuring the long-term goals of the Master project are achieved. 

With the methodology and useful knowledge of dissemination strategies, tools and activities, the student is expected to present the proposal responding to the framework of a changing world with innovative and reflective societies. 


The student will work both independently and with the guidance of the Master project supervisor. While conducting and executing the Master project, student will go through a number of defined stages including target audience and stakeholder research, strategies development, action plans, and intellectual property rights management.

At the end of the semester, in addition to documenting the dissemination plan, students will also complete a pitch presentation to communicate their proposal along with their research outcome to the panel within a professional environment. The panel may consist of potential stakeholders, partners, and target audience.

Learning outcomes

A	Apply acquisition of critical analysis, research, creative, technical and professional skills on a dissemination plan for a cultural industry project.
B	Demonstrate a comprehensive understanding of the potential audience and the market through appropriate dissemination channels chosen to communicate the findings of the project.
C	Producing original documentation and deliverables for the proposal and the pitch
D	Communicate effectively, both in writing and in presentations to an audience displaying highly advanced communication skills

Method of teaching and learning

The module will be delivered through mainly formal lectures and individual tutorial to guide each student’s proposal.