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East and Southeast Asia: The Pacific Century

Module Title East and Southeast Asia: The Pacific Century
Module Level Level 1
Module Credits 5.00

Aims and Fit of Module

Pacific Asia, consisting of Northeast and Southeast Asia, is a diverse and dynamic region of the world. This module introduces key aspects of the politics and international relations of the region. 
The semester starts with a brief historical overview of the forces that have shaped East and Southeast Asia as distinct regions. It then moves to case studies of different nation states’ contemporary politics and foreign and security policies and explores the evolving nature of regionalism.

Learning outcomes

A. Develop a historical understanding of factors that have shaped contemporary East and Southeast Asia, including the impact of imperialism, culture,  the Cold War, and the different paths to modernity taken by the states that compose Pacific Asia.
B. Understand the different concepts and practices of regionalism that have emerged in East and Southeast Asia.
C. Explain the causes and effects of a specific conflict in the region.
D. Understand how domestic politics impacts on foreign policy.
E. Develop a critical capacity to discern the difference between declaratory policy and state practice.
F. Demonstrate a capacity to critically evaluate a foreign policy position in relation to a contemporary issue.
G. Develop academic and professional writing skills.
H. Develop teamwork skills.
I. Develop oral communication skills.

Method of teaching and learning