Module Catalogues

International Relations Study Abroad

Module Title International Relations Study Abroad
Module Level Level 3
Module Credits 15.00

Aims and Fit of Module

This module allows each student in Year 4 to choose to live and study in one specific country for one semester, hosted by an XJTLU partner university on a programme approved by XJTLU. International Relations Study Abroad is designed to provide students with knowledge and analytical skills related to the politics, economics, foreign policy, society and culture of another country.

Learning outcomes

A. Understand the social, economic, cultural and political characteristics of another country.
B. Evaluate another country’s foreign policy and its relationship with China.
C. Develop cross-cultural awareness.
D. Write a professional briefing report relevant to the study abroad country.Develop academic writing skills.

Method of teaching and learning

Students will spend a semester of study at a partner university on a programme nominated by XJTLU.
Choice of university and country will be determined by the student in agreement with their Academic Advisor and the INS301 Module Leader.
During this semester, students will be required to attend and participate in the equivalent of three 5-credit XJTLU modules related to their subject of study at their host university, all approved in advance by the Department of International Studies at XJTLU. Students will concurrently be enrolled on INS302 International Relations Final Year Project, a year-long 10 credit module in the BA IR degree.
Students should complete and pass all of the assessment included in the host institutions’ modules.
In addition, students must submit the following coursework related to their semester studying abroad to the INS Department, assessed by departmental staff:
1. Coursework 1: Portfolio of works and reflective report (60%)
2. Coursework 2: Essay (20%)
3. Coursework 3: Essay (20%)