Module Catalogues

Historical Linguistics

Module Title Historical Linguistics
Module Level Level 3
Module Credits 5.00

Aims and Fit of Module

To engage students with a range of endogenous and exogenous changes. To provide students with the skills needed to analyze data sets from a range of languages, including (but not limited to) English, Latin, and Chinese.
To teach students about changes in phonology, morphology and syntax.
To engage students with language change theories and principles.
The module builds on skills gained in ENG103, and allows students to take a new diachronic perspective to other areas of linguistics covered on the programme (including Syntax, Language and Mind, and Sounds of English).

Learning outcomes

A	Demonstration through essay writing and research of their understanding of principles of semantic change, syntactic change, and morphophonological change.
B Evaluation of theories in language change through essay writing and presentation
C Presentation of their own arguments through a poster presentation and written essay.
D Create their own research project and design a research poster.

Method of teaching and learning

The teaching sessions are divided into two components (Lectures and Tutorials/workshops).