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Manufacturing process

Module Title Manufacturing process
Module Level Level 2
Module Credits 5.00

Aims and Fit of Module

This module aims to cover the fundamentals of manufacturing processes through introducing the student to modern manufacturing with two areas of emphasis: the physics of manufacturing processes and design for manufacturability. In doing so this course will emphasize the interrelationships between part design and manufacturing process design. The student will learn major manufacturing processes including machining, injection molding, forming, casting, assembly, and rapid prototyping. The student will learn recommendations to make product designs more economical, to simplify production processes, and to minimize energy use and environmental impact. A project is an integral part of this course and exposes the student to various manufacturing processes and practices.

Learning outcomes

A	Relate materials and manufacturing processes for part(s) and explain trade-offs with other possible choices
B Identify and manage cost within the context of engineering design by making product designs more economical and simplifying production processes
C Explain manufacturing methods and their limits, possibilities and environmental impacts for different materials
D Identify the basic mechanisms that affect quality, rate, cost, and flexibility for major manufacturing processes
E Improve or redesign an existing product for the ease of manufacture (use of DFM/DFA), also manual and/or automatic assembly

Method of teaching and learning

The teaching philosophy of the module follows very much the philosophy of Syntegrative Education. This has meant that the teaching delivery pattern, which follows more intensive block teaching, allows more meaningful contribution from industry partners. This philosophy is carried through also in terms of assessment, with reduction on the use of exams and increase in coursework, especially problem-based assessments that are project focused. The delivery pattern provides space in the semester for students to concentrate on completing the assessments.
The material in this module is delivered through a combination of formal lectures and tutorials. General transferable skills are developed through the presentation of written and oral reports.