Module Catalogues


Module Title Dissertation
Module Level Level 4
Module Credits 40.00

Aims and Fit of Module

This module provides students with the opportunity to explore in depth a valid topic in the field of the whole program leading to the MSc Data Science degree, to facilitate students in developing independent research and presenting skills in scientific project that could be essential for their career. The master thesis of data science aims to cultivate and improve the students' ability to research and solve the frontier or practical application problems related to data science in the fields of digital computing, financial economy, material science, mechanical engineering, biological information, artificial intelligence, medical health and other fields, and cultivate the graduate students' ability to independently engage in scientific research, technical work or management work related to data science.

Learning outcomes

A. Apply existing knowledge to do meaningful research in the relevant field of Data Science.
B. Rationally assess the information, data, and materials at hand.
C. Demonstrate good research skills i.e. including using information technology efficiently and effectively, reading academic publication, collecting\organising\analyzing data, and critical analysis.
D. Demonstrate and interpret meaningful research results in the dissertation report using academic English.
E. Effectively communicate project work and findings through a formal presentation and structured dissertation thesis.

Method of teaching and learning

Students will choose a research direction with a nominated supervisor from XJTLU or a joint research direction from an external industry supervisor from cooperative research institutes and enterprises at the end of semester 2. Students choosing the joint direction will be supervised by both an internal supervisor from XJTLU and the external industry supervisor. The students will be required to discuss the research outline with the supervisor(s) at the beginning of semester 3. Usually, there is a weekly meeting for all supervisors for his/her students.

An interim report will be required to be submitted at the end of semester 3. The final report is expected to be submitted before the end of semester 4, followed by an oral presentation. Normally, supervisor(s) and one internal examiner will be appointed to conduct the marking of the presentation and dissertation.