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Managing People

Module Title Managing People
Module Level Level 3
Module Credits 5.00

Aims and Fit of Module

This module intends to equip students with a comprehensive understanding of key theories and concepts in management of employees and employment relations in contemporary business and management environment. Through explaining the impact of external and internal influence on said aspects as well as understanding the link between managing people and managing employment relations, this module presents to students how to achieve effective people management through managing employment relations in real world and how organisations can benefit from it.

Learning outcomes

A.	Demonstrate an understanding of the roles of various stakeholders in establishing and managing employment relations and able to critically explain how they interact.
B. Acquire in-depth knowledge of key theories and concepts relevant to managing people and employment relations
C. Apply learnt theories and concepts to understand, evaluate real world situation and make reasonable conclusions
D. Describe, critically evaluate and challenge theoretical constructs using reliable information and evidence

Method of teaching and learning

Teaching strategy of the module will consist of a range of teaching methods including lectures, seminars, and coursework (individual and group work) using a case study approach. The case study approach forms a core part of the teaching strategy to help bridge theory and practice in managing people.
Teaching materials consist of textbook chapters, academic journal articles, news and periodicals as well as online information. Independent research and study are strongly encouraged at all stages which aims at developing and enhancing students’ critical thinking and reading skills. Said skills are beneficial to their continuous personal and career development.