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Strategic Management and Policy

Module Title Strategic Management and Policy
Module Level Level 3
Module Credits 2.50

Aims and Fit of Module

Aims of this module is that leaders and managers of organizations today face many types of strategic challenges. The essence of strategy is in successfully achieving the synergies between resources and environment in an increasingly dynamic and turbulent world. With all this in mind, the aim of this module is to provide students with a long term, resource-based perspective on organizational strategy whilst being cognizant of the potential threats from disruptive change, whether they be triggered by technological, commercial, political, physical or other causes. The module gives students a comprehensive overview of the most important areas of strategy. It draws on academic theories and established approaches in the area of strategy and applies them to practical cases.

Learning outcomes

A identify key elements of strategic management from mission identification through to implementation and apply these in a critical manner to strategy formulation.
B conduct a strategic analysis of given organisations and identify their strategic position.
C demonstrate understanding of the integrative role of strategic management, its concepts, research and theories in managerial decision-taking.
D identify central issues and problems in complex business situations, suggest alternative courses of action, and present well-supported and evidence-based recommendations for future strategic action.
E demonstrate a critical understanding of the differing and often conflicting theories, approaches and views which reflect the richness of debate within the strategic management field.
F integrate issues of ethics, corporate social responsibility and sustainable development into strategy development.

Method of teaching and learning

The teaching philosophy of the module follows very much the philosophy of Syntegrative Education. This has meant that the teaching delivery pattern, which follows more intensive block teaching, allows more meaningful contribution from industry partners. This philosophy is carried through also in terms of assessment, with reduction on the use of exams and increase in coursework, especially problem-based assessments that are project focused. The delivery pattern provides space in the semester for students to concentrate on completing the assessments.
The module will be delivered through a combination of lectures and seminars with a range of case studies and exercises to contextualise the theoretical content to managerial practice. The materials support directed reading whilst the research of selected texts, journal articles and contemporary professional journal and press articles facilitate a deeper understanding of strategy. The case study approach will form a core part of the teaching strategy that conveys a variety of important issues relating to this module, while independent study and research is encouraged at all stages to promote and develop learning.