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Issues and practice of planning in China I

Module Title Issues and practice of planning in China I
Module Level Level 1
Module Credits 5.00

Aims and Fit of Module

This module is intended to provide students with an impression of the range and variety of issues that are currently of concern to planners and the planning field. It reviews past, recent and continuing developments activity in China. The objectives of this module are to give students: a fundamental understanding of nature of cities, urban growth, and urbanisation, a critical insight into the emerging issues and their impact on demographic, social, economic and environmental change.

Learning outcomes

A. Comprehend urban planning development in China and its main limitations
B. Explain the nature of urbanization and its main impacts
C. Summarize the principal issues and practice of planning today and critically review the existing approach/practices.

Method of teaching and learning

Teaching and learning of this module is organised in three stages of ability building: knowing, interpretation, and critical thinking. 
Lectures and tutorials will be given at the first stage to facilitate students comprehensive understanding of urban development and contemporary planning issues in China. Seminars at the second stage will assess student’s learning outcome of the first stage and their ability to interpret the nature of urbanisation and its consequences through evaluation of literature. Tutorials and discussion at the third stage will consolidate the learning outcomes in the first two stages and lead to a summary and critical review of existing approach/ practices.
Formative assessments are organised to develop relevant abilities and study skills. Group work and peer review of individual work are arranged to form a learning community and self-help learning culture.