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Environmental sustainability

Module Title Environmental sustainability
Module Level Level 2
Module Credits 5.00

Aims and Fit of Module

This module aims to introduce students about current thinking in relation to sustainable development and locate environmental sustainability within a broad framework of ideas. It aims to develop an understanding of the various dimensions of environmental sustainability and their relationship to patterns of development, and finally applies these ideas to planning practices in the real world.

Learning outcomes

A. demonstrate knowledge about the concept of sustainable development and capablities in relating it to the broader framework of environmental sustainability ideas
B. understand different patterns of development and their implications for environmental sustainability.
C. comprehend urban development issues (from the building level to the city level) through the lens of environmental sustainability.
D. understand how sustainability thinking (e.g. environmental planning strategies, methods, tools, theories, etc.) can be applied in practice (e.g. informing decision-making from an integrated perspective)
E. communicate sustainability ideas and policies to a wide audience

Method of teaching and learning

The module seeks to provide a varied learning experience with an emphasis on both knowledge and skills development. It combines lectures and tutorials. The main purpose of the module is knowledge dissemination; however, there is also some emphasis on the development of analytical and group working skills through the tutorial sessions and research skills. In this latter context, students are given weekly reading tasks using various types of material using both library and internet sources.