Module Catalogues

Final Year Project and Dissertation

Module Title Final Year Project and Dissertation
Module Level Level 3
Module Credits 10.00

Aims and Fit of Module

To develop and practise academic skills in identifying a research topic in the planning and design field, formulating a research design, managing the extended research process and achieving milestones, and, drawing relevant conclusions from the research findings;
To develop a understanding in depth of a relevant body of literature;
To develop analytical skills and critical thinking on environment and planning issues and policies;
To develop writing, presentation and bibliographic skills in preparing and submitting a high quality, fully-referenced dissertation.

Learning outcomes

A. identify an appropriate research topic
B. design an effective research project using appropriate methods (e.g. literature review, case study) and techniques (e.g. surveys, data and/or graphical analysis);
C. manage the research process effectively within given resources and meeting milestones on time;
D. gain a deeper understanding of a particular topic in your subject area;
E. form independent and objective views on issues and policies in your specialised subject area, and
F. produce a well-structured, clearly presented and properly formatted dissertation/thesis.

Method of teaching and learning

Students choose a specific topic related to their area of specialism. Through a series of workshops, students are guided through the research process and milestones require that they work on their dissertation as part of a continuous process. Individual tutorials provide more detailed supervision