Module Catalogues

Theory and Practice of Urban Regeneration

Module Title Theory and Practice of Urban Regeneration
Module Level Level 4
Module Credits 5.00

Aims and Fit of Module

To provide students with knowledge of key historical and contemporary theoretical perspectives on, and practical examples of, urban regeneration and urban restructuring from across the world. Also, to consider the role of urban regeneration in the wider urban planning context.

Learning outcomes

A. Present an advanced understanding of the concept of urban regeneration and summarize its historical development as a concept
B. Demonstrate a capacity to identify the development of social and economic conditions which underpin the need for urban regeneration in a variety of international contexts
C. Concisely and creatively structure and formulate how urban regeneration is practiced under different constraints in real life
D. Critically relate and synthesise different theoretical and practical approaches to urban regeneration witnessed in a variety of international economic and cultural contexts
E. Synthesise the critical debates on urban regeneration and evaluate their implications for future practice

Method of teaching and learning

The main method of teaching and learning is lecturing. Group discussion (seminars) will be weekly introduced to reflect upon the main theoretical issues faced in class.