Module Catalogues

Governance and Finance of Urban Regeneration

Module Title Governance and Finance of Urban Regeneration
Module Level Level 4
Module Credits 5.00

Aims and Fit of Module

The module aims to provide students with the basic knowledge of urban economics in order to understand the redevelopment process and the financial mechanisms for pursuing the regeneration of inner city areas. Moreover it provides a framework for understanding the complex governance structure of contemporary regeneration projects and the rationales of different actors involved in the decision-making process.

Learning outcomes

A. have an understanding of the urban redevelopment process at inner-city locations from the basis of urban economics.
B. have an understanding of the concepts of governance and the complex relations of public and private actors involved in the regeneration process.
C. compare and contrast the different governance landscapes of the Chinese and Western cities
D. Be able to evaluate the major planning instruments, and financing mechanism of regeneration process
E. Be able to evaluate costs and benefit of regeneration projects from an economic point of view

Method of teaching and learning

The main method of teaching and learning is lecturing which is supplemented with two thematic seminars related to the implementation of the assignments. Moreover tutorials are also available to facilitate students’ learning process and to develop the case report. Students working in group will be in fact asked to analyze an existing case study pointing out its limitations and strengths. During the seminars students will be also introduced to the negotiation methods and will be asked to report the results in front of the class.