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Module Code: ACC411
Module Title: Integrated Case Study
Module Level: Level 4
Module Credits: 20.00
Academic Year: 2021/22
Semester: SEM1
Originating Department: Department of Accounting
Pre-requisites: N/A
The aims of the module are to develop analytical, problem solving and communication skills, in respect of complex business issues, in the context of being a professional accountant.

The module will assess the completion of these objectives through the completion of a scholarly business report based on a strategic management case for a particular company, which will use information and data available in the public domain.
The level of skills requirements for this module will comprise – but not strictly refer to – the skills requirements stated by ICAEW - Case Study module – Advanced Level.

N.B: in some cases and when this is possible, proprietary information provided by the company under study might also be used.

Learning outcomes 
a. Assimilate and using information from various sources which may conflict or interact

b. Structure problems and solutions relating to a complex and extended scenario

c. Apply judgement including on business ethical issues, recommend and justify actions when ethical issues arise

d. Formulate conclusions, recommendations and communicating results in the form of a written report as well as in the form of an oral presentation

e. Demonstrate integrative and multidisciplinary skills, including technical knowledge and analytical, evaluative and integration skills from Corporate Reporting and Strategic

Business Management, as well as advisory, judgmental and communication skills acquired through practical work experience that the students may have gained throughout the programme

f. Demonstrate good research skills i.e. including use information technology efficiently and effectively, reading difficult texts, data collection and organisation, and apply critical reflection in using data.

Method of teaching and learning 
The module is mainly composed of seminars, lectures, and lab sessions delivered throughout the semester to equip students with the skills needed to write a scholarly business report. Practical Lab will aim to provide a range of tools and simulation cases to help students review their progress and benchmark their work. It will involve group activities and discussions
The module is composed of three parts:

Part One – Generating a research question - Distance Learning (on- line)

This part will take place during the summer period prior to the start of the module on week 1 of the semester It will aim to use of on-line contents to provide on line support for students to develop a research question for their scholarly business report during the summer period. The objective is to provide a number of contents and on-line tools that will facilitate the interaction between students and supervisors during the initiation phase of the research proposal phase, as well as to foster a positive disposition from students to explore research opportunities.

Part Two - Lectures

Those lectures will synthetize the key learnings from previous nodules on the programme which are the most relevant for the achievement of the module including:

• Understanding of complex business issues

• Developing the ability to analyse financial and non-financial data,

• Exercising professional and ethical judgement,

• Developing conclusions and recommendations.

and will cover the following topics:

• Financial Statement Analysis

• Financial Data Analysis

• Operational and Strategic Analysis

• Assimilating and Using Information

• Structuring Problems and Solutions

• Applying Judgement

• Making conclusions and recommendations on a business case

Part Three – Seminars and Lab/Practicals

The seminars will aim to provide students with skills needed for the preparation and completion of a scholarly business report with emphasis on skills needed for research:

• writing a research proposal,

• academic writing skills

• writing a scholarly business report

• preparing for discussion

• making an oral presentation.

The seminars will be relayed by Practical Lab sessions in order to provide support to the students in preparing their business report:

• Reviewing your progress and share experience

• Using check list for self-assessment

• Exploring solutions

• Monitoring their progress

• Preparing your plan and next

• Reflecting on supervision

This will involve a number of simulations and group activities which will require the preparation and pre-submission by the students of their draft business reports.

Delivery Hours  
Lectures Seminars Tutorials Lab/Prcaticals Fieldwork / Placement Other(Private study) Total
Hours/Semester 42  9    12    537  600 


Sequence Method % of Final Mark
1 Research Proposal Report 20.00
2 Scholarly Business Report 65.00
3 Oral Presentation 15.00

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