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Module Code: CLT314
Module Title: Chinese Writing
Module Level: Level 3
Module Credits: 5.00
Academic Year: 2020/21
Semester: SEM2
Originating Department: Modern Languages
Pre-requisites: N/A
This module is part of the Teaching Chinese as an International Language pathway that students can study in year 3 and 4 on the BA China Studies degree. The module provides students with an overview of the various aspects of Chinese characters and scripts.
This module aims to provide students with the systematic knowledge in Chinese writing system covering its origin, development, classification and characteristics. This module also covers important issues related to Chinese script in modern times, including simplification, Romanization and acquisition.
Learning outcomes 

A Have gained a systematic understanding of how Chinese script originated and developed.

B Understand the characteristics of Chinese script in its various styles, including the oracle bone inscriptions, bronze inscriptions, clerical script and standard script.

C Apply the knowledge in the teaching of Chinese characters.

Method of teaching and learning 
The teaching uses a combination of seminars, discussion groups and tutorials. The Seminars introduce students to relevant knowledge of Chinese writing system, which are the basis for group discussion and characters teaching practice. All the seminars are delivered in Chinese.
The syllabus is topic based, and in some cases more than one week is needed for each topic, depending on the speed of understanding of the characterization of Chinese script.

Topic 1: Nature of Chinese script

Topic 2: Development of Chinese script

Topic 3: Classification of Chinese script

Topic 4: Ideograms, phonograms and loangraphs

Topic 5: Simplification of the traditional Chinese writing system

Topic 6: Acquisition and recognition of Chinese characters

Topic 7: Chinese characters teaching

Delivery Hours  
Lectures Seminars Tutorials Lab/Prcaticals Fieldwork / Placement Other(Private study) Total
Hours/Semester   26  26      98  150 


Sequence Method % of Final Mark
1 Essay 30.00
2 Presentation 20.00
3 Final Exam 50.00

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