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Module Code: DPH206
Module Title: Methods for Analysing Public Health IV: Working in the Field: Data
Module Level: Level 2
Module Credits: 5.00
Academic Year: 2019/20
Semester: SEM2
Originating Department: Health and Environmental Science
Pre-requisites: DPH205
This aim of this module is to introduce students to fieldwork in public health and provide the opportunity to conduct and analyse their own research in a health care setting.
Learning outcomes 
A Employ basic public health research in a health care setting.

B Demonstrate the use of core public health research principles in the field.

C Appropriately examine and interpret research findings.

D Appraise findings and formulate the conclusions of this research.

Method of teaching and learning 
Students will conduct the research in a health care setting, as accepted by the particular setting. In this manner students are making the most of their opportunity for learning for the XJTLU required work placement. Lectures, lab sessions and supervisory sessions will assist the student in conducting the research, analysing the data and interpreting their findings.
Week 1 Revising the Proposal

Revision of Research Methods 1 Proposals for approval for fieldwork.

Week 2 Collecting the Sample

Review of sampling for quantitative and qualitative designs and discussion of field issues in sampling students are experiencing.

Week 3 Refining Surveys

Refining student surveys and review of different possibilities for survey collection.

Week 4 Mapping the Setting

Introduction to built-environment assessments. Students will learn how to map their findings with ARC-GIS.

Week 5 Analysing Quantitative Data I: SPSS

Analysis of the survey data collected with SPSS software.

Week 6 Analysing Quantitative Data II: Epi Info

Analysis of the survey data collected with Epi Info software.

Week 7 Refining Interview Schedules

Review of how to employ reflexivity to refine interview schedules.

Week 8 Analysing Qualitative Data I: NVivo

Analysis of interview data using NVivo software.

Week 9 Analysing Qualitative Data II: Multidimensional Analysis and Johnson's Hierarchical Analysis

Analysis of Pile Sorts using Multidimensional analysis.

Week 10 Interpreting Data

Overview of how to interpret the data collected.

Week 11 Analysis of Bias

Critical assessment of where bias may have entered student research and how internal and external validity could have been prevented.

Week 12 Reflexivity and Self-Assessment

Identify what changes occurred in the field and if these were an outcome of research design. What has the student learned in conducting this research? What would they do differently in future research?

Week 13 Completing Introductions and Conclusions

Examination of what the student's research has contributed to the research domain.

Delivery Hours  
Lectures Seminars Tutorials Lab/Prcaticals Fieldwork / Placement Other(Private study) Total
Hours/Semester 26    2  26  90  6  150 


Sequence Method % of Final Mark
1 Weekly Assignments(8 Assignments That Comprise Elements Of The Final Research Report 500 Words Each) 40.00
2 Presentation Of Research (Oral) 10.00
3 Full Research Report (5000+ Words) 50.00

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