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Module Code: EEE202
Module Title: Analogue and Digital Communications I
Module Level: Level 2
Module Credits: 2.50
Academic Year: 2019/20
Semester: SEM2
Originating Department: Electrical and Electronic Engineering
Pre-requisites: EEE203MTH007MTH008MTH013MTH101MTH102MTH201
To provide a comprehensive coverage of the theory and design of analogue communication systems.
Learning outcomes 
A. Appreciate modern analogue communication systems.

B. Understand various analogue modulations, which include the principles of AM, SSB-SC, DSB-SC, FM, PM, PCM.

C. Understand the effects of noise on communication systems.

D. Understand FDM and TDM transmission techniques.

E. Understand simple LTI systems, convolution theorem, sampling theorem and their applications.

Method of teaching and learning 
This module will be delivered by a combination of formal lectures, problem classes, class demonstrations, and case studies.
Chapter 1 Introduction on signal and systems. (2 hours)

Chapter 2 Amplitude modulation (8 hours)

Large Carrier-AM, DSB-SC and SSB

Chapter 3 Angle Modulation (4 hours)

Chapter 4 Digitalization and Pulse Modulation (4 hours)

Chapter 5 Noise Analysis (6 hours)

Delivery Hours  
Lectures Seminars Tutorials Lab/Prcaticals Fieldwork / Placement Other(Private study) Total
Hours/Semester 24    4  6    41  75 


Sequence Method % of Final Mark
1 Take-Home Open Book Exam (2 Hours) 80.00
2 Assignment 20.00

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