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Module Code: ENG202
Module Title: Business Communication
Module Level: Level 2
Module Credits: 5.00
Academic Year: 2015/16
Semester: SEM2
Originating Department: English
Pre-requisites: N/A
• To introduce students to a number of business writing skills

• To introduce students to a range of appropriate business-related activities

• To give students opportunities to practice appropriate business-related activities

• To give students opportunities to practice analysing and writing business letters, proposal, reports etc.
Learning outcomes 
This module combines an understanding of business writing and business-related operation with the growing importance of communications. It covers language, culture and media as well as the more Technical Information Technology-related communications subjects. The combined module aims to provide a better understanding of the ways in which corporates might be made to operate more effectively in the communications-dominated contemporary world. Additionally, it gives students a range of opportunities to practice business-related activities. Adopting problem-based learning and introducing case studies, the module will equip students with a range of skills and knowledge that will be of practical use in their future careers.

At the conclusion of this module, students should:

a) Be able to discriminate a number of business genres

b) Demonstrate ability to identify ways of establishing viewpoints in business communication

c) Show an understanding of basic cultural assumptions in intercultural communication

d) Demonstrate an understanding of patterns of speech acts in business meetings

e) Demonstrate ability to write business letters, proposal, reports etc.

f) Demonstrate ability to design or give suggestions on how to design and to improve corporate homepages
Method of teaching and learning 
The teaching sessions are divided into two components (Lectures and Tutorials/workshops).


Tutorials/ workshops
Topics will typically include:

1. Direct & indirect communication

2. Business letters

3. Negotiation in business

4. Business reports

5. Business proposals

6. Image management

7. CSR communicationv

8. Corporate website

9. Crisis management

Delivery Hours  
Lectures Seminars Tutorials Lab/Prcaticals Fieldwork / Placement Other(Private study) Total
Hours/Semester 28   28        94  150 


Sequence Method % of Final Mark
1 Final Exam 50.00
2 Group Project 30.00
3 Midterm Exam 20.00

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