Module Catalogues

Final Year Project

Module Title Final Year Project
Module Level Level 3
Module Credits 10.00

Aims and Fit of Module

The main aims of the dissertation are:
 to give students the opportunity to carry out independent study at an advanced level, with appropriate support, into a topic of interest to them;
 to draw on and extend the skills and knowledge acquired in taught modules.

Learning outcomes

On completion of the dissertation, students will be able to:
⎣ Demonstrate a range of transferable research skills including the ability to organise time and resources effectively; identify and access relevant sources of information and materials; identify appropriate research methods for their project.
⎣ Apply the core theoretical and/or conceptual approaches in English and/or communication studies to their chosen area of research;
⎣ Synthesise and analyse complex empirical and conceptual material into their chosen area of research;
⎣ Use empirical and conceptual material in coherent and sustained argumentation;
⎣ Use a range of IT skills including word processing, where appropriate e-mail, spreadsheets, and the internet to locate and retrieve information in support of their dissertation research.
⎣ Demonstrate a deep knowledge and understanding of their chosen topic and a critical awareness of the relationship of their own research to other work in the field.
⎣ Manage their own learning through independent study;
Communicate effectively with their supervisor and use feedback constructively and reflectively in producing a final dissertation.

Method of teaching and learning

The student will identify a provisional topic by the end of the semester preceding that in which the dissertation is written, and will have a preliminary meeting with the supervisor. Obligatory sessions on research methods will be offered during the semester. The student will have further meetings with the supervisor to discuss a draft outline presented by the student, and to monitor progress and offer advice on writing up.