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Module Code: ENV105
Module Title: Environmental Chemistry
Module Level: Level 1
Module Credits: 5.00
Academic Year: 2020/21
Semester: SEM1
Originating Department: Health and Environmental Science
Pre-requisites: N/A
The Module aims to provide an introductory grounding in the principal areas of Environmental Science, with particular focus on the water, atmospheric, and soil chemistry. This Module will provide the students with environmental comprehension, interdisciplinary awareness and analytical techniques.
Learning outcomes 
A. To show basic understanding of chemical principles and to recognsie how chemical processes underpin many earth and ocean phenomena

B. To analyse how human activities impact upon main Earth spheres (hydrosphere, atmosphere and geosphere) in terms of chemical pollution and disposal of toxic chemical substances.

C. To solve simple problems in gaseous, solution and solid chemistry by applying the knowledge obtained in lectures

D. To practice a number of computational skills that can be applied in chemistry

E. To practice lab and research skills through hands-on experiments

Method of teaching and learning 

The Module is taught through traditional lectures and by active participation in weekly workshops and two lab practices, supported by projects, coursework and independent study. To complete this module, students are expected to attend all classes, complete coursework and projects assignments in a timely manner, and prepare adequately for the examination.
Lectures are held every week to cover the following topics:

 Introduction to this module

 Water resources and water properties

 Water as solvent: acids and bases

 Water pollution and water treatment

 Oxygen and life

 Fundamentals of atmospheric chemistry and air pollution

 Photochemical smog and climate change

 Stratospheric Ozone Shield

 Geosphere and geochemistry

 Soil chemistry and soil pollution

 Hazard solid wastes

 Toxicity of chemicals

 Sustainable energy resources

One hour workshops are held every week to provide the lab safety training, lab report writing, experiments instruction, tutorials for coursework, case studies and reviews for the experiments etc.

Two experiments related to acid-base titration and phenol analysis are held in week 4 and 9 to get students familiarize chemical lab work and obtain the basic idea on qualitative and quantitative analysis with UV-Vis spectrophotometer.

Delivery Hours  
Lectures Seminars Tutorials Lab/Prcaticals Fieldwork / Placement Other(Private study) Total
Hours/Semester 26     13  6    105  150 


Sequence Method % of Final Mark
1 Final Exam 60.00
2 Problem (2 Sets) 20.00
3 Lab Practical (2 Sets) 20.00

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