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Foundational Research Skills for Environmental Scientists

Module Title Foundational Research Skills for Environmental Scientists
Module Level Level 1
Module Credits 5.00

Aims and Fit of Module

This module introduces students to the scientific method approach, specifically some of the principles that scientists follow to produce and debate scientific knowledge in different environmental research areas. Emphasis will be placed on how to structure scientific enquiry, hypothesis formulation and testing, and using argumentation based on empirical evidence. Research ethics will be introduced and various issues of scientific misconduct will be examined. Finally, the module also will focus on effective science communication by emphasizing how to structure visual representations such as diagrams, graphs and tables.

Learning outcomes

A.	interpret and present data and concepts effectively in visual ways
B. apply real practices of scientific research mainly develop scientific enquiry, hypothesis testing and evaluate research outcomes validity
C. use arguments based on empirical evidence to sustain a claim
D. analyse what constitutes scientific misconduct
E. recognize ethical standards of human, vertebrate and other research practices
E. present data in written scientific reports and deliver oral presentation

Method of teaching and learning

The theoretical/conceptual module aspects will be delivered in lectures, assigned readings, group discussion, group presentation and concept reflection writing. 
Seminar discussions will be conducted based on pre-class paper reading. The papers will be examples to illustrate the concepts/theories delivered earlier in lectures.
The practical module aspects will be delivered/exercised/practiced in 3 computer labs.