Module Catalogues

# Domain Code Mod Code Full Name Semester
1 BUS BUS003 Explore Business SEM1
2 BUS BUS218 Market Research SEM2
3 BUS BUS231 Qualitative Research Methods in Management Research SEM1
4 BUS BUS303 Final Year Project ACYR
5 BUS BUS415 International Management and Global Institutions SEM1
6 BUS BUS422 Doing Business with Chinese Companies and Consumers SEM2
7 BUS BUS457 International Business and Global Affairs Dissertation SEM1
8 BUS BUS901 Introduction to Research Methods I SEM1
9 BUS BUS902 Introduction to Research Methods II SEM2
10 BUS BUS903 Personal and Employability Skills SEM1
11 BUS BUS904 Employability Enhancement SEM2
12 BUS BUS911 Family Enterprise and Ownership SEM2
13 BUS BUS913 Futurology, Innovation, and Business Opportunities SEM1