Module Catalogues

# Domain Code Mod Code Full Name Semester
1 CAN CAN201 Introduction to Networking SEM1
2 CAN CAN202 Analogue and Digital Communications I SEM2
3 CAN CAN206 RF Engineering and Applied Electromagnetics SEM2
4 CAN CAN207 Continuous and Discrete Time Signals and Systems SEM1
5 CAN CAN301 Mobile Computing SEM1
6 CAN CAN302 Technologies for E-Commerce SEM2
7 CAN CAN303 Analogue and Digital Communications II SEM1
8 CAN CAN304 Computer Systems Security SEM2
9 CAN CAN305 Antennas SEM1
10 CAN CAN306 Photonics and Optical Communication Systems SEM2
11 CAN CAN307 Radio Propagation and Microwave Circuits SEM1
12 CAN CAN308 Wireless systems SEM2
13 CAN CAN309 Information Theory and Data Communications SEM1
14 CAN CAN310 Signal Processing and Digital Filtering SEM2
15 CAN CAN401 Cloud Computing SEM1
16 CAN CAN402 Social Web Programming SEM2
17 CAN CAN403 Advanced Signal Processing SEM2
18 CAN CAN404 Social Network Analysis SEM2
19 CAN CAN405 Data Communication and Communication Networks SEM1
20 CAN CAN406 Multimedia Communications SEM2
21 CAN CAN407 Mobile Communications SEM2
22 CAN CAN408 Coding and Cryptography SEM2