Module Catalogues

# Domain Code Mod Code Full Name Semester
1 CPT CPT109 C Programming and Software Engineering I SEM1
2 CPT CPT001 Professional Skills in Computer Science SEM2
3 CPT CPT101 Computer Systems SEM1
4 CPT CPT102 Data Structures SEM2
5 CPT CPT103 Introduction to Databases SEM2
6 CPT CPT104 Operating Systems Concepts SEM2
7 CPT CPT106 C++ Programming and Software Eng. II SEM2
8 CPT CPT107 Discrete Mathematics and Statistics SEM1
9 CPT CPT111 Java Programming SEM1
10 CPT CPT202 Software Engineering Group Project SEM2
11 CPT CPT203 Software Engineering I SEM1
12 CPT CPT204 Advanced OO Programming SEM2
13 CPT CPT205 Computer Graphics SEM1
14 CPT CPT206 Computer Programming for Financial Mathematics SEM2
15 CPT CPT208 Human-Centric Computing SEM2
16 CPT CPT210 Microprocessor Systems SEM2
17 CPT CPT301 Formal Methods SEM1
18 CPT CPT302 Multi-Agent Systems SEM2
19 CPT CPT304 Software Engineering II SEM2
20 CPT CPT306 Principles of Computer Games Design SEM2
21 CPT CPT401 Research Methods SEM1
22 CPT CPT402 Software Architectures SEM2
23 CPT CPT403 Object Oriented Programming SEM1
24 CPT CPT404 Technological Project Management SEM2
25 CPT CPT405 Interactive Systems SEM1
26 CPT CPT406 Artificial Intelligence SEM2
27 CPT CPT407 Databases and Data Management SEM1
28 CPT CPT408 Game Design and Development SEM2
29 CPT CPT411 Evaluation Methods and Statistics SEM1
30 CPT CPT412 Human-Robot Interaction SEM2
31 CPT CPT413 Information Visualization SEM2
32 CPT CPT108 Data Structures And Algorithms SEM2
33 CPT CPT409 Research Project Management SEM1
34 CPT CPT105 Introduction to Programming in Java SEM1
35 CPT CPT201 Database Development and Design SEM1