Module Catalogues

# Domain Code Mod Code Full Name Semester
1 EDS EDS401 Globalization and Education: Critical Perspectives SEM1
2 EDS EDS402 Entrepreneurship, Educational Innovation and International Education SEM2
3 EDS EDS403 Principles, Policies and Practices of Global Education SEM1
4 EDS EDS404 The School of Tomorrow: Managing Change in Global Education SEM2
5 EDS EDS405 Educational Leadership SEM1
6 EDS EDS406 Educational Internship SEM2
7 EDS EDS407 Culture and Learning SEM1
8 EDS EDS408 Language and Power SEM2
9 EDS EDS409 Education in the Asia-Pacific Region SEM1
10 EDS EDS410 The Student Experience in Global Education SEM2
11 EDS EDS411 Dissertation SEM1