Module Catalogues

# Domain Code Mod Code Full Name Semester
1 EDS EDS436 Syntegrative Learning SEM1
2 EDS EDS437 Research Project SEM2
3 EDS EDS401 Globalization and Education: Critical Perspectives SEM1
4 EDS EDS402 Entrepreneurship, Educational Innovation and International Education SEM2
5 EDS EDS403 Principles, Policies and Practices of Global Education SEM1
6 EDS EDS404 The School of Tomorrow: Managing Change in Global Education SEM2
7 EDS EDS405 Educational Leadership SEM1
8 EDS EDS406 Educational Internship SEM2
9 EDS EDS407 Culture and Learning SEM1
10 EDS EDS408 Language and Power SEM2
11 EDS EDS409 Education in the Asia-Pacific Region SEM1
12 EDS EDS410 The Student Experience in Global Education SEM2
13 EDS EDS411 Dissertation SEM1
14 EDS EDS412 School and Educational Psychology SEM2
15 EDS EDS413 Developmental Psychology SEM1
16 EDS EDS414 Counselling in Child and Family Education: Practice and Skills SEM2
17 EDS EDS415 Family Education: Principles and Theories SEM1
18 EDS EDS416 Understanding Families in Educational and Community Settings SEM2
19 EDS EDS417 Child and Adolescent Mental Health SEM1
20 EDS EDS418 Educational Placement SEM2
21 EDS EDS419 Developing and Evaluating Programmes for Children and Families SEM1
22 EDS EDS420 Advanced Educational Research Method SEM2
23 EDS EDS421 Teaching Children with Special Educational Needs (SEN) SEM1
24 EDS EDS423 Dissertation SEM1
25 EDS EDS431 Designing Digital Education Curriculum SEM1
26 EDS EDS432 Education in a Digital Society SEM1
27 EDS EDS433 Designing and Practicing Digital Education SEM2
28 EDS EDS434 Digital Media and Information Literacy SEM2
29 EDS EDS435 Blended Learning in a Digital Age SEM2
30 EDS EDS438 Curriculum Design in International Context SEM1
31 EDS EDS439 Internationalization and Chinese Education Context SEM1
32 EDS EDS440 Practice-based Inquiry in Education SEM1
33 EDS EDS441 Teaching, Learning and Assessment SEM1
34 EDS EDS442 Engaging with Educational Literature SEM1
35 EDS EDS443 Educational Research: Theory and Practice SEM1
36 EDS EDS444 Conducting Quantitative Research SEM1
37 EDS EDS445 Conducting Qualitative Research SEM1
38 EDS EDS446 Advanced Educational Research Studies SEM1