Module Catalogues

# Domain Code Mod Code Full Name Semester
1 EEE EEE001 Introduction to Robotics SEM1
2 EEE EEE101 C Programming and Software Engineering I SEM1
3 EEE EEE102 C++ Programming and Software Eng. II SEM2
4 EEE EEE103 Electrical Circuits I SEM1
5 EEE EEE104 Digital Electronics I SEM2
6 EEE EEE108 Electromagnetism and Electromechanics SEM2
7 EEE EEE109 Electronic Circuits SEM1
8 EEE EEE112 Integrated Electronics and Design SEM2
9 EEE EEE114 Visual Literacy and Videography SEM2
10 EEE EEE116 Experimental, Computer Skills and Sustainability SEM2
11 EEE EEE118 Engineering Drawing SEM2
12 EEE EEE120 Introduction to Mechatronics SEM2
13 EEE EEE201 CMOS Digital Integrated Circuits SEM1
14 EEE EEE202 Analogue and Digital Communications I SEM2
15 EEE EEE203 Continuous and Discrete Time Signals and Systems I SEM1
16 EEE EEE204 Continuous and Discrete Time Signals and Systems II SEM2
17 EEE EEE205 Digital Electronics II SEM2
18 EEE EEE207 Electrical Circuits II SEM1
19 EEE EEE209 Electromagnetics SEM1
20 EEE EEE210 Energy Conversion and Power Systems SEM2
21 EEE EEE211 Electronic Circuits and Systems SEM1
22 EEE EEE212 Industrial Awareness and Group Project SEM2
23 EEE EEE213 Power Electronics and Electromechanics SEM2
24 EEE EEE216 Microprocessor Systems SEM2
25 EEE EEE218 RF Engineering and Applied Electromagnetics SEM2
26 EEE EEE220 Instrumentation and Control System SEM2
27 EEE EEE222 Mechanical Engineering Design SEM2
28 EEE EEE224 Dynamic Systems SEM2
29 EEE EEE225 Advanced Electrical Circuits and Electromagnetics SEM1
30 EEE EEE301 Analogue and Digital Communications II SEM1
31 EEE EEE302 Data Communications SEM2
32 EEE EEE303 Antennas SEM1
33 EEE EEE307 Electronics for Communications SEM1
34 EEE EEE309 Electronics for Instrumentation SEM1
35 EEE EEE310 Embedded Computer Systems SEM2
36 EEE EEE311 Final Year Project ACYR
37 EEE EEE314 Introduction to Optoelectronics and Photonics SEM2
38 EEE EEE315 Information Theory and coding SEM1
39 EEE EEE318 Photonics and Optical Communication Systems SEM2
40 EEE EEE319 Optimization SEM2
41 EEE EEE326 Wireless systems SEM2
42 EEE EEE327 Digital Control and Automatic Control SEM1
43 EEE EEE330 Image Processing SEM2
44 EEE EEE331 Multimedia Security Systems SEM1
45 EEE EEE332 Micro and Nanomanufacturing Technology SEM2
46 EEE EEE333 Multimedia Information Retrieval and Technology SEM1
47 EEE EEE334 Smart Grid Technologies SEM2
48 EEE EEE335 Drives, and Power Generation, Transmission and Relaying SEM1
49 EEE EEE336 Signal Processing and Digital Filtering SEM2
50 EEE EEE337 Integrated Circuits – Concepts and Design SEM1
51 EEE EEE339 Digital System Design with HDL SEM1
52 EEE EEE340 Protective Relaying SEM2
53 EEE EEE341 Radio Propagation and Microwave Circuits SEM1
54 EEE EEE345 Information Theory and Data Communications SEM1
55 EEE EEE401 Sustainable Energy and Environment SEM1
56 EEE EEE402 Photovoltaic Energy Technology SEM2
57 EEE EEE403 Power System Network and Smart Grid SEM1
58 EEE EEE404 Renewable Kinetic Energy Technologies SEM2
59 EEE EEE405 Nuclear Energy Technology SEM1
60 EEE EEE406 Power Electronics and Applications for Renewable Energy SEM2
61 EEE EEE407 MSc Project SEM1
62 EEE EEE408 Deep Learning in Computer Vision SEM2
63 EEE EEE410 MRes Project (Dissertation) SEM1
64 EEE EEE411 Advanced Signal Processing SEM1
65 EEE EEE412 Image and Video Processing SEM1
66 EEE EEE413 Data Communication and Communication Networks SEM1
67 EEE EEE414 Mobile Communications SEM1
68 EEE EEE415 Multimedia Communications SEM2
69 EEE EEE416 Coding and Cryptography SEM2
70 EEE EEE418 Advanced Pattern Recognition SEM2