Module Catalogues

# Domain Code Mod Code Full Name Semester
1 EEE EEE103 Electrical Circuits I SEM1
2 EEE EEE104 Digital Electronics I SEM1
3 EEE EEE109 Electronic Circuits SEM2
4 EEE EEE112 Integrated Electronics and Design SEM2
5 EEE EEE201 CMOS Digital Integrated Circuits SEM1
6 EEE EEE205 Digital Electronics II SEM2
7 EEE EEE210 Energy Conversion and Power Systems SEM2
8 EEE EEE211 Electronic Circuits and Systems SEM1
9 EEE EEE213 Power Electronics and Electromechanics SEM2
10 EEE EEE307 Electronics for Communications SEM1
11 EEE EEE309 Electronics for Instrumentation SEM1
12 EEE EEE314 Introduction to Optoelectronics and Photonics SEM2
13 EEE EEE332 Micro and Nanomanufacturing Technology SEM2
14 EEE EEE334 Smart Grid Technologies SEM1
15 EEE EEE334 Smart Grid Technologies SEM2
16 EEE EEE335 Drives, and Power Generation, Transmission and Relaying SEM1
17 EEE EEE337 Integrated Circuits - Concepts and Design SEM1
18 EEE EEE339 Digital System Design with HDL SEM1
19 EEE EEE340 Protective Relaying SEM2
20 EEE EEE346 Modern Power Systems Operation And Control SEM2
21 EEE EEE401 Sustainable Energy and Environment SEM1
22 EEE EEE402 Photovoltaic Energy Technology SEM2
23 EEE EEE403 Power System Network and Smart Grid SEM1
24 EEE EEE404 Renewable Kinetic Energy Technologies SEM2
25 EEE EEE405 Nuclear Energy Technology SEM1
26 EEE EEE406 Power Electronics and Applications for Renewable Energy SEM2
27 EEE EEE409 Power Integrated Circuit Design SEM1
28 EEE EEE417 Advanced Semiconductor Materials And Devices For Efficient Power Conversion SEM1
29 EEE EEE421 Integration Of Energy Strategies In The Design Of Buildings SEM1