Module Catalogues

# Domain Code Mod Code Full Name Semester
1 ENV ENV001 Sustainable Development for the Environment and Public Health SEM1
2 ENV ENV002 Global Environmental Issues SEM2
3 ENV ENV003 Climate change and Health SEM1
4 ENV ENV101 Research and GIS skills SEM1
5 ENV ENV102 Ecology and Conservation SEM2
6 ENV ENV104 Introduction to Planet Earth SEM1
7 ENV ENV105 Environmental Chemistry SEM1
8 ENV ENV106 Aquatic Field Skills SEM2
9 ENV ENV108 Dynamic Landscapes SEM2
10 ENV ENV110 Environmental Pollution SEM2
11 ENV ENV201 Research Design SEM2
12 ENV ENV203 Statistics for Environmental Scientists SEM1
13 ENV ENV204 Spatial modelling with GIS and Remote Sensing SEM2
14 ENV ENV205 Environmental Change: Past, Present and Future SEM1
15 ENV ENV206 Environmental Science Field Skills SEM1
16 ENV ENV206 Environmental Science Field Skills SEM2
17 ENV ENV207 Soils and the Environment SEM1
18 ENV ENV208 Aquatic and Urban Ecology SEM2
19 ENV ENV301 Final Year Project ACYR
20 ENV ENV302 Environmental Management SEM1
21 ENV ENV303 Environmental Impact Assessment SEM1
22 ENV ENV306 Ecology in a changing world SEM2
23 ENV ENV307 Air Pollution SEM1
24 ENV ENV308 Agriculture, Food and Environment SEM2
25 ENV ENV309 Fluvial Systems: from headwaters to the coast SEM1
26 ENV ENV310 Waste Management SEM2
27 ENV ENV311 Environmental Management SEM1
28 ENV ENV312 Environmental Impact Assessment SEM2
29 ENV ENV313 Environmental Remediation and Rehabilitation Field Class SEM1