Module Catalogues

# Domain Code Mod Code Full Name Semester
1 ENV ENV002 Global Environmental Issues SEM2
2 ENV ENV101 Geographic Information Systems SEM2
3 ENV ENV107 Introduction In Ecology SEM2
4 ENV ENV111 Introductory Field Skills for Environmental Scientists SEM1
5 ENV ENV112 Quantitative Field Skills, Data Collection and Analysis for Environmental Scientists SEM2
6 ENV ENV113 Introduction to ecology, evolution and Earth system SEM1
7 ENV ENV114 Introduction to Environmental Chemistry and Monitoring SEM2
8 ENV ENV115 General Laboratory Techniques and Experiments in Environmental Science SEM1
9 ENV ENV116 Field/L aboratory Experiments of Environmental Monitoring SEM2
10 ENV ENV117 Foundational Research Skills for Environmental Scientists SEM1
11 ENV ENV201 Research Design SEM2
12 ENV ENV204 Remote Sensing of the Environment SEM1
13 ENV ENV209 Biogeochemistry and global change SEM2
14 ENV ENV212 Air and the Environment SEM2
15 ENV ENV213 Soil and the Environment SEM1
16 ENV ENV214 Aquatic Ecology SEM1
17 ENV ENV215 Environmental Instrumental Analysis SEM2
18 ENV ENV216 Microbial Ecology SEM2
19 ENV ENV217 Water and the Environment SEM1
20 ENV ENV219 Terrestrial Ecology SEM1
21 ENV ENV221 Introductory Statistics for Environmental Scientists SEM1
22 ENV ENV222 Advanced Statistics for Environmental Scientists SEM2
23 ENV ENV301 Final Year Project ACYR
24 ENV ENV311 Environmental Management SEM2
25 ENV ENV312 Environmental Impact Assessment SEM1
26 ENV ENV313 Environmental Restoration and Remediation - Field Class SEM2
27 ENV ENV314 Managed ecosystems SEM2
28 ENV ENV315 Critical Reading, Reviewing & Writing Scientific Environmental & Ecology Papers SEM1
29 ENV ENV316 Environmental Engineering SEM2
30 ENV ENV317 Environment and Society SEM1
31 ENV ENV319 Humans and environmental pollution SEM1
32 ENV ENV401 Research Project Design And Management SEM1
33 ENV ENV402 Research Project (Phase I) SEM2
34 ENV ENV403 Common Research Issues in Environmental Sciences SEM1
35 ENV ENV404 Research Project (Phase II) ACYR
36 ENV ENV405 Advanced Statistics In Environmental Sciences SEM1
37 ENV ENV407 Frontiers In Environmental Sciences SEM1