Module Catalogues

# Domain Code Mod Code Full Name Semester
1 LIT LIT101 Introduction to Close Reading: Approaches to Literary Study SEM1
2 LIT LIT102 Literature in Context SEM2
3 LIT LIT104 Literary Theory SEM2
4 LIT LIT201 Literature of The En-lightenment SEM1
5 LIT LIT202 Postcolonial Literature SEM2
6 LIT LIT203 Literature and Gender SEM1
7 LIT LIT204 Jane Austen SEM2
8 LIT LIT301 Literature: Final Year Project ACYR
9 LIT LIT302 Advanced Literature-Approaches to Modern Poetry SEM2
10 LIT LIT303 Romanticism SEM1
11 LIT LIT304 The Gothic SEM2
12 LIT LIT305 Technoculture SEM1
13 LIT LIT306 Postmodern Literature SEM2
14 LIT LIT307 Climate Change and Literature SEM1