Module Catalogues

Architectural Technology and Innovation

Module Title Architectural Technology and Innovation
Module Level Level 1
Module Credits 5.00
Academic Year 2024/25
Semester SEM1

Aims and Fit of Module

The module introduces students to historical developments and contemporary theories of architecture and civil engineering. It provides an introduction to the principles and practice of building design technology and construction procedures within the overall framework of an architectural design concept. Students are offered a broad understanding of modes of collaboration and innovation between the fields of architecture and engineering.
In this module, students develop the ability to analyse, understand and creatively employ skills of research, analysis, problem solving and communication, with a particular focus on using drawing as a catalyst of interdisciplinary exchanges.
Students are introduced to a variety of buildings at different scales, which students will thoroughly research and analyse.

Learning outcomes

A recall and describe historical and contemporary theories of architecture and civil engineering
B recall and describe major periods of Western and Asian architecture as well as their key formal, structural and constructional features
C identify, analyse and report on construction materials, construction methods and construction processes in the design and construction of buildings
D demonstrate ability to employ various presentation and drawing techniques
E apply knowledge of architecture and engineering to resolve basic design tasks

Method of teaching and learning

The material in this module is delivered through a combination of lectures and tutorials. Field trips will be scheduled subject to availability. Students will research and analyse case studies in detail and present their analysis in a final report. Short exercises integrating architectural and engineering components will be conducted in addition.