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Design Research Project

Module Title Design Research Project
Module Level Level 4
Module Credits 15.00
Academic Year 2024/25
Semester SEM2

Aims and Fit of Module

In Studio 4 students resolve design challenges identified in the previous Studio 3 through an individually chosen design thesis project. The outcome is a self-contained studio project presentation that is a further investigation and resolution of the themes and issues engaged in Studio 3. Students will demonstrate self-reliance in the framing of architectural problems and in the research required to engage these problems. Individual students' Studio 4 design project and written thesis (parallel module) topics must be related to and/or directly inform each other.

Learning outcomes

A. Generate design proposals of medium to large complexity in response to a design brief, reflecting originality in the application of subject knowledge, and an advanced understanding of the role of hypothesis and speculation to design process development.
B. Develop a conceptual and critical approach to architectural design that reflects the needs and aspirations of users and presents evidence of considerations of scale, local context as well as environment.
C. Present evidence of a reflection on the cultural, social and intellectual histories, theories and technologies that influence the design of buildings, as well as the theories, practices and technologies of the fine arts and integrate them creatively in studio design projects.
D. Present design proposals that satisfy the aesthetic aspects of a building and provide evidence of an awareness of the responsibilities of an architect as well as related regulatory frameworks.
E. Integrate knowledge of the constructional and structural systems, the environmental strategies, the health and safety principles, the economic constraints and the regulatory requirements that apply to the design and construction of a complex design project.
F. Manage a comprehensive range of visual, oral, and written media and methods to test, analyse, critically appraise and explain design proposals effectively.

Method of teaching and learning

Individual and group design tutorials, lectures, seminars, workshops, design critiques, individual and group work, self-study, field trips, site visits if applicable.