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Research Project

Module Title Research Project
Module Level Level 4
Module Credits 40.00
Academic Year 2022/23
Semester SEM1

Aims and Fit of Module

This module provides students with an opportunity to conduct in-depth, independent research on a defined topic under supervision of a qualified member of academic staff. Students will be able to choose their supervisors by "Laboratory Rotation", which is one of Additional Learning Activities of the programme in semester 1.

Learning outcomes

A. plan a piece of scientific research to formulate, evaluate or criticize a hypothesis and propose and formulate a set of experiments to test, challenge or defend this hypothesis.
B. demonstrate a critical awareness and understanding of the relevant scientific literature and relate and combine it with the arguments, criteria, justifications and/or discussions of the project.
C. understand, consider and apply research ethics and health and safety regulations to prioritize, arrange and organize research work
D. write a final project report in the format of a dissertation to evaluate, contrast and discuss, the experimental outcomes of the research project and their scientific implications and significance

Method of teaching and learning

Students will choose a research project with a nominated supervisor at the end of semester 1. They will have the opportunity to gain some experience of potential research projects by undertaking short (1-2 months) "Laboratory Rotation" (one of Additional Learning Activities) with up to three research groups/supervisors. Assessors will also be appointed to provide appropriate support and to appraise the preliminary report and record book.
Two months after starting the research project, students will be required to write and defend a preliminary report describing the relevant background information, the hypothesis to be tested (where relevant), a plan of work and an anticipated timetable. Students will be permitted to prepare a draft of preliminary report and obtain feedback from their supervisor(s) before submission.
Students will undertake research using the outline prepared for Semester 2 as a guide. The results arising from the project will be subsequently reported by oral presentation and by a research paper/dissertation in Semester 3. Students shall be permitted to prepare a preliminary draft of the report and obtain feedback from their supervisor(s) before submission of the final version. Two internal examiners will be appointed to conduct Viva with a student.